U.S. Army Chief of Staff, GEN Mark Milley & Sergeant Major of the Army, SMA Dan Dailey cut the Army Cake in Washington DC


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As tradition has it, the oldest Soldier of a unit (L), the youngest Soldier (R), and the general officer presiding will cut the cake together...

And, they must all test the cake before it can be served to the ranks

BG Dixon delivers remarks in celebration of the U.S. Army's inextricable historical significance to our Nation and the freedom Americans enjoy  

Finally, the assembled ranks sing "The Army Song" and can then enjoy a piece of cake

Meanwhile, Pikes Peak Chapter-AUSA & Community Partner, Pioneer Services, provide Birthday Cakes to NORAD/NORTHCOM & SMDC/ARSTRAT Commands at Peterson AFB to ensure the Army's Birthday is not forgotten 

The U.S. Army Birthday Ceremony Tradition Carries On...244th Year on 14 Jun 19

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 ...thus signifying the special bond between all generations who serve, and the leadership it takes to tie those binds 

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