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Doug Harris

​President, Pikes Peak Chapter


Continued Challenge (Besides COVID-19):

Growth & Max Renewal!

Membership as of 7 Apr 2020: 1373


Largely because our Soldiers since 9/11 have been repeatedly deployed to combat operations and other worldwide mission requirements, they have had little time to focus on their professional organization - AUSA.  And, prior to the current administration, our Army had been reduced in strength to the smallest Army since before WWII.  As a result, again until the last couple of years, there had been a downward trend in AUSA membership over the last 15 years or so.  Thankfully, we have finally arrested this problem.  So now, with the current administration being serious about rebuilding our military, we must do our part and continue to strengthen AUSA.


It's painfully apparent that our nation is asking more of our Soldiers--and their families--than ever before. In (then) Secretary of the Army, now Secretary of Defense Dr. Mark T. Esper's words, "We must act now to ensure we are ready today and even more lethal tomorrow." And change is already well underway to bring about what he has labeled "Army Renaissance."

I am therefore compelled to once again respectfully request your dedicated help in growing our membership so that we can continue to be relevant to our Army's future.  We have an important role of influence in addressing Army Renaissance.  Through dedicated membership and organizational leadership, AUSA will do its part by bringing the strongest possible professional and educational non-profit organization to the "table of challenge" as the Army Renaissance unfolds, both now and ever after.  

But this sustainment task rests with each and every member, and anyone reading this today!  Hence, our 2020 Chapter membership and retention goals are simple: Just keep going and work especially on maximum renewals of our Association Members.

Regardless, the truth in the following proposition remains poignant: 


If we are to be a relevant and effective professional organization for America’s Army; if we are going to be the resounding Voice for the Army on Capitol Hill; if we intend to keep the faith in providing sincere Support for the Soldier; then the extent to which we can translate our slogan into action — Voice for the Army - Support for the Soldier — is directly proportional to the sustained strength of our membership.

The basic charter of the Association of the United States Army is a document dated 5 July 1950 - a "Certificate of Reincorporation of the United States Infantry Association as The Association of the United States Army."  This certificate was issued by the government of the District of Columbia in response to the petition of the United States Infantry Association as a result of an agreement with the United States Field Artillery Association.

One extract from that certificate is of particular significance: "(2) the particular business and objects of the ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATE ARMY as reincorporated shall be wholly educational, literary, scientific, fostering esprit de corps, dissemination of professional knowledge and the promotion of the efficiency of the Army components of the Armed Forces of our Country ...."

Under the terms of this certificate, the Internal Revenue Service has granted the national association exemption from federal income under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  This exemption is subject to review at any time and is dependent upon the association's adherence to the activities mentioned in the extract quoted above.

AUSA National BYLAWS (Current)

PPC-AUSA BYLAWS (Updated for 2019/2023)





AUSA speaks out for the men and women of the United States Army who proudly serve our country.

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Membership is very affordable, and there’s plenty in a membership for anyone who is, was, will be, supports, or loves a Soldier!  Just hit the “Join Now” button at the top of our homepage, or grab the “Membership” pull-down menu in the homepage heading for all the info you need about membership, and the costs per category, to provide a prospective member, or to actually join on line.

What do you suppose the number of Army Active Duty, Guardsmen and Reservist Soldiers; Department of the Army Civilians; Retirees; Veterans; Engaged Citizens (those not affiliated with the Army in any particular way, but care deeply about Soldiers and our national security); Defense Contractors and supporting Business employees might be in the Pikes Peak AUSA Chapter footprint?  A conservative estimate would put the number of those patriots at well over 50,000.  Surely you know and can persuade some of them to join the membership ranks of our Chapter!

​And, please forward this appeal to anyone, anywhere you know who might join AUSA and support our Soldiers and their families.  If every current member, and every new member who joins “gets one more,” we’ll be able to sustain AUSA National and our Chapter membership growth into the 2020s decade.

​Can we count on your help?  Thanks for caring; and thank you especially for each and every additional member you bring to our Chapter!

Doug Harris
President, PPC-AUSA  

Association of the United States Army Pikes Peak Chapter



“Voice for the Army – Support for the Soldier”

The AUSA is a private, non-profit professional and educational organization that supports America's Army - Regular Army, National Guard, Reserve, Retirees, Government Civilians, Wounded Warriors, Veterans, concerned citizens and family members. AUSA provides numerous Professional Development Opportunities at a variety of events both local and national.

The Pikes Peak Chapter serves as a liaison between the Army and our local civilian communities throughout southern Colorado. We assist in educating the public about the needs for a strong national defense and the impact our Army organizations have on our local communities and the state of Colorado. Most importantly, we participate in a variety of programs and events in the support of our deployed Soldiers and their families.



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Being the voice for all components of America’s Army

Fostering public support of the Army’s role in national security

Providing professional education and information programs


Association of the U.S. Army - Pikes Peak Chapter

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As the premier voice for America's Soldiers, we are a dedicated team committed to building the best professional and representative association for the world's best Army.

1950 - Since 1950, the Association of the United States Army has worked to support all aspects of national security while advancing the interests of America's Army and the men and women who serve. The United States Infantry Association and The United States Field Artillery Association merged their identities in 1950.

1955 - In 1955 the United States Antiaircraft Association merged with the combined organization.