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Association of the U.S. Army - Pikes Peak Chapter


​​​​Volunteering creates a national character in which the community and the nation take on a spirit of compassion, comradeship and confidence.  ~ Brian O'Connell


Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation's compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving one another. ~ Erma Bombeck



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AUSA has 122 chapters located worldwide. Made up entirely of volunteers, they provide recreational and educational opportunities to Soldiers and their families. AUSA and its chapters have contributed well over $2,000,000 to awards, and scholarships, not to mention countless volunteer hours in support of Soldier and family programs. Our collective mission is to support our Soldiers and the civilians and families who work alongside of them in the local community.

  • VP, Programs--Translates certain Annual Plan objectives into actual Programs to include: Planning, coordination and execution of events and activities; establishing dates, venues, and funding strategies; developing guest lists and/or target audiences; notifications, advertising and marketing; ensuring protocol requirements are met, and holding after action reviews. Click here to see more.

  • VP, Membership--Responsible for the Chapter Membership recruiting and retention.  Translate the following guidelines into action:   Click here to see more. 

  • EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBER-AT-LARGE AND TASK FORCE/ACTIONS COMMITTEE POSITIONS ARE OPEN. If you would like to join our Governance Team, please email Doug Harris at pikespeakchapter@ausappc.org 


​Accordingly, Chuck has introduced and cultivated new sponsorship opportunities for the chapter, as well as new partnership efforts within the community.  Through his diligent efforts and tireless work ethic, Chuck has partnered with the USO to create heightened visibility for the chapter on Fort Carson.  He has engaged the Sergeants Major, along with the Sergeants Major Association and the Audie Murphy Club to include the chapter in highly successful events.  Through his direct efforts, joint endeavors have influenced resounding successes.  He can always be counted on to suggest the best events to promote and then dives right in to make sure goals are achieved.  Chuck has helped at all events to ensure their success, with no task too small.enthusiasm, and his unfailing support is an inspiration to us all.   Chuck defines what it means to be a volunteer and we are all uplifted by his sheer strength of commitment to the Pikes Peak Chapter of AUSA and our military community.

​Chuck works tirelessly within the military community to promote the AUSA message, and to secure new, youthful memberships that will solidify the future relevancy and triumphs of our professional non-profit organization.  He is an active member of the Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Council, USO, and the Armed Services YMCA.  His involvement in these organizations helped set the Chapter up to cohost a 2015 Army-Air Force Tailgate Party at the Air Force Academy's Falcon Stadium.  During the event, Chuck was constantly talking with Soldiers and families about AUSA and the Pikes Peak Chapter.  Chuck was involved in all aspects of the 2015 event, including the setup and tear down, and he was again involved with the Tailgater for the Army/Air Force football game 4 Nov 17, and again for the 2 Nov 19 game, continuing his undying support of the Army Team in our community.  His leadership abilities directly influence desired outcomes and create an environment for partnerships to flourish within our Chapter footprint.

​During his time as the Chapter President, Chuck quickly created a viable governance infrastructure with clear cut position descriptions and responsibilities.  He outlined his vision for the chapter and started the process of affecting change to the culture and future of the chapter.  As the current Chapter Treasurer, Chuck has made fiscally responsible decisions and handled the budget with ease.

​Chuck surrounds himself with hardworking, enthusiastic volunteers and elected board members, who share his vision.  He has the innate ability to see a challenge, allocate the resources needed to overcome it, and then to lead his team to the desired outcome.

Chuck epitomizes the values and ideals of AUSA and is a well-respected advocate for our Soldiers, families and the Pikes Peak Chapter.  FOR HIS EXPERIENCED SERVICE TO OUR CHAPTER, CHUCK WAS AWARDED THE 2017 "SOARING EAGLE AWARD" AT THE AUSA REGION 7 MEETING IN ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO IN APRIL. 

Thank you Chuck for all you have done, and are continuing to do!


​​​I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catchers mitt on both hands.  You need to be able to throw something back.  ~ Maya Angelou

Chuck Moneypenny has continued to perform superbly as a member of the Pikes Peak Chapter.  Initially, as a contributing member of the chapter, then as the President and now as the Chapter Treasurer, we count on Chuck to provide sound leadership and on-point guidance to chapter members and volunteers.  His most recent award received in November 2019 was the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce & EDC Military Affairs Council (MAC) "Award for Excellence."

Chuck has demonstrated that he is an exemplary volunteer, a dedicated executive board member, and a highly capable elected representative of our chapter and its role in our Pikes Peak military and civilian communities.  He continues to tirelessly provide his time and talents as an integral player in the development and execution of the chapter’s forward-looking Annual Plan — which since 2018 focuses on improving the health of our chapter by reversing a negative trend in individual and corporate memberships, and in fundraising sponsorships for our Soldier and family support activities and events.  His efforts bore fruit in 2019.